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By | February 23, 2018

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Share some ACIS 6210 exam questions and answers below.
A systems engineer has just completed a database maintenance backup. The engineer would like to verify the success of the backup.In which default location should the engineer look to determine the success of the backup?

A. C:Contact CenterLogsCommon ComponentsDBMaintenance.log

B. D:LogsCommon ComponentsDBMaintenance.log

C. D:Avaya AuraContact CenterLogsCommonComponentsCC_DBMaintenance.log

D. D:AvayaLogsCommon ComponentsCC_DBMaintenance

Answer: B

You have been asked to install an Avaya Aura® Contact Center High Availability (HA) solution for a customer who already has an existing AACC solution. You have installed the Standby server and entered all of the IP Address information in the HA configuration tool on the existing Primary AACC server.What is the next required step?

A. Install the Replication Server for database replication.

B. Run the High Availability tool on the Standby Server.

C. Perform a backup on the Primary server and execute a restore of the backup on the Standby server.

D. Reboot the Primary and Secondary Server so that they will synchronize.

Answer: C

From the High Availability (HA) utility under Configuration, which menu selection can be used to validate that the Active and Standby servers are running?

A. Notifications

B. CC Configuration

C. System

D. Server Mode

Answer: C

After a successful installation of Avaya Aura® Contact Center, Avaya releases a patch for this particular site that is required to fix a problem reported for the CCMS. Currently, the service pack AvayaCC_CCMS_7. is installed under CCMS and no roll-up patches have been installed yet.What is a valid name for the site specific patch?

A. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

B. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

C. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

D. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

Answer: D

After you complete the Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) installation, you should perform a backup.From the Contact Center Database Maintenance utility, which two menu options are used to perform the backup?

A. Select Location and Immediate Backup

B. Map Drive and Immediate Backup

C. Backup Drive and Immediate Backup

D. Backup Location and Immediate Backup

Answer: D

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